Private Label Food Manufacturers

Known for its artisan, small batch gourmet food production, Pemberton’s facility is ideal for corporations desiring to create new products under their own private label. Our culinary team are experts in blending delicate flavors while retaining the full texture of each ingredient to create gourmet products of distinction. With every batch, we use the finest ingredients, carefully hand-measured and mixed to produce outstanding results.

With nearly 20 years of small-batch co-packing experience, Pemberton’s is poised for expansion into Private Label brands. Our newly upgraded facility can produce hundreds of cases of quality hot acidified foods and condiments per day, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our private label services include handcrafted production, quality lab testing, assembly-line bottling, branded labeling, and final product boxing and shipping to your distribution center. 

Pemberton’s focuses on small-batch, artisan food production that offers you the flexibility to make limited-edition foods or to test-run food production without a major financial investment.

We’ll work together in close partnership to develop a strategy and take care of all the details for creating and cooking your organization’s next private label product ready for market.

Culinary Research & Development

Private Label Food Manufacturers – Premium Small-Batch Quality

As a Corporate Chef with over 25 years of experience, Chef Sam Mangino is renowned for product ideation of gourmet foods and leads our culinary team on every product we bring to market.  He stays up to date on new product trends and flavor nuances then leads his culinary team to research and develop new private label food products. Learn more about Chef Mangino and his extensive food service experience.

At Pemberton’s, client confidentiality is very important to us. Our Non Disclosure Agreement ensures your recipes will not be shared with competitors or the general public at any time.

Premium Quality & Processing

Our 10,000 square foot facility houses fully updated, state-of-the-art equipment which includes three 100-gallon artisan kettles ideal for premium, handcrafted small batch food production ensuring a consistently superior product that meets FDA food safety guidelines.  Products are thoroughly tested for allergens, nutrients, and other characteristics for placement on product labels.


​Once the product is cooked to a client’s specification and brought to the appropriate temperature, it is pumped into sterile glass jars. The product continues through the production line for capping, labeling with your branded label, product boxing, cooling, and finally palletizing – ready to ship to your facility via common carrier or scheduled pick up for local companies. We take care of all production details so that your organization won’t have to.

Learn more about our Facility and watch a video about our food production process.

Questions About Our Private Label Services?

At Pemberton’s, we know that bringing a food product to market involves many complex steps in production, food safety regulations and testing for allergens, which is a concern for large organizations. We have the expertise and the equipment to take your idea, develop the recipe and produce handcrafted product – ready for market. To learn more about our facility, gourmet food services or to schedule a tour, complete the contact form below or give us a call at 207-657-6446.

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